PTS offers Boiler Tuning and Optimization to existing equipment. The Units are tuned and tested as they are, and under their normal operation schedule. No special conditions or needs are required allowing all combustion parameters to be adapted to real life conditions, avoiding expenditures in new equipment. During the testing and tuning of the units, the logic is also evaluated and modified.

PTS Boiler Tuning and Optimization provides:

  • Higher boiler efficiency and production savings
  • Reductions in pollutant emissions, such as CO, CO2 and NOx
  • Operation optimization with the existing equipment, avoiding the need to acquire new equipment to achieve better boiler efficiency
  • Operators and Maintenance personnel training
  • Reductions in UBC, and Opacity formation
  • Creation and introduction of new Boiler Operating Curves
  • Best operation possible with existing equipment due to wide experience in boiler tuning
  • Logic update and verification to adapt to modern needs
  • Considerable savings in fuel  per year spent